A family home focused on community inclusion.


 Sakshaug Group Homes is a collection of special needs adult foster care homes in the greater Grand Rapids area. We specialize in, but are not limited to, caring for adults with behavioral and developmental disabilities. 

Currently, we offer four homes with six beds or less. Each home has a live-in manager, which provides consistency and structure for our residents. This approach is imperative in creating a family style atmosphere. The home staff assist in providing family-style meals, household chores, and interactions with the rest of the "Sakshaug Family" to promote a family living environment.

Community inclusion is also a key factor in each home. Through a partnership with Mikeyspath.org, we strive to provide each resident the opportunity to socialize with their peers and within the community.

Our goal is to present our residents with a loving, safe, and healthy home life, while providing the tools necessary to explore the world outside our walls.